Saturday, July 6, 2013

Well, let's jump on in...

To check out the projects for this week!

Parents of a friend of a friend apparently have more produce than they know what to do with, because we magically ended up with some beautiful ears of home grown, GMO free peaches and cream of corn!  More than 80, to be a little more accurate.  We shucked and boiled and ate and repeated, but we eventually just had too much!  I canned some kernels and also some creamed style (first round of pressure canning ever, go me) but eventually we were corned out.  So my darling sweet decided to put me up to the task of drying corn.  He's such a peach.

The interwebs told me to put the ears directly on the rack in the oven with the door cracked, at 150 degrees for 8 hours.  Well, I followed directions but they just weren't dry enough.  I ended up putting them in my wee tiny convection oven at 200 with the door shut for 4 or 5 hours and that got them good and rock hard.

Already dried and ready to cause blisters be de-kerneled!

Now I'm trying to pop the kernels off.  It's a real bitch (pardon).  Not difficult, but it does hurt your thumbs after a few.  They make fancy pants gadgets that do it for you, but we're cheap, so.

Our plan is to make corn meal/tortillas/corn chips.  We're real Mexican food fanatics.  I'll update as we go!

Then there's these bad boys:

Holy mother of blueberries!

Our neighbors have a 70 year old blueberry bush and a freezer well stocked of berries, so they've given us full run of the beast.  The thing is, these are just the lovely little orbs that I've harvested in the past 2 days.  And the plant isn't even ready to go yet.  Should be a (delicious) handful.

There's more.  Pecans needing to be cracked and frozen, pumpkins to be planted, pickles, more pickles, the bane of my existence, pickles.  Ugh.  

But for now here's a picture of my cat.  This is Poose.  She's shy but sassy.

She struck such a nice pose, I couldn't resist sharing.

You enjoy that, y'hear?

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