Saturday, July 6, 2013


Honestly, it's hard to remember how we got started on this track.  I think it was the fireplace.  My other half (we'll just call him Husband for now) found a great deal on a wood burning stove insert that would fit into our very old and abandoned fireplace.  The $3000.00 that we had spent warming our circa 1929 house the winter before was more than cut in half, and we realized something.  Maybe all of those old fashioned ways of life that we seem so keen to forget about are actually worth remembering.  Our grandparents had to diligently labor over all of their scratch made food, and so our parents were thrilled to see read made entrees on the shelves at the grocery store.  Now our generation is trying to break free.

Keepin' that fire going!

But I digress.  Seeing how a little extra work here and there could save us a big old bundle of moolah kind of lit a fire under our butts to see what else we could do on our own.  And that's how I ended up sitting in the kitchen tonight, staring morosely from the pile of cucumbers I should be pickling to the dried ears of corns I should be dekerneling.  (Pretty sure that's not a word, but just go with it.)  What, oh what have I gotten myself into?

Follow me on this crazy mixed up journey as I garden, can, preserve, restore, learn, bake, screw up, procrastinate, swear, and mostly, EAT!  Soup's on!

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