Monday, July 22, 2013

Garden Pizza!

Tomatoes are starting to come in!  I was shopping the other day and picked up some pizza crusts, so I figured I'd whip up some Garden Pizza!  It is incredibly simple, and also looks fancy enough to serve with friends, as appetizers at dinner parties, or just sitting on the couch with your boo.

This works with pizza crusts, pitas, naans, english muffins, etc.  It doesn't really matter.  I used roma tomatoes because they are an ideal size and flavor, but I think it would really work with just about any type.  You can also peel them, but that's not necessary.

Sprinkle the tomatoes with herbs (I do basil, garlic salt, onion flakes, and red pepper flakes) and then generously apply cooking spray, or drizzle olive oil.  I'm just not a very good drizzler, it ends up pooled up in some places and bone dry in others.

Put it in the oven/on the grill and let sit until the tomatoes start to wilt and turn a deeper red.  You can see in the picture above, the pizza on the right has already had its turn in the oven.

Yank 'em out of the oven, throw cheese on them, and whatever toppings you enjoy.  I put jalapenos on ours, that was the only thing we currently had.  You can see my wimpy lady slices on the right and Hubs' manly seedy death slices on the left.  (Pretty sure he regretted that decision later)

Fin!  This is one of our favorite meals.  One of the biggest advantages of this recipe is that you don't really have to have anything pizza specific.  Tomatoes, cheese, a form of bread, and you've got it done!  Which is great for me and my lack of grocery planning.

Nom on!

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