Monday, July 15, 2013

Orange Failberry Jam

Yesterday I posted about how I made a blueberry lime jam out of a really old canning book using liquid pectin.  Well today I'm posting about how I tried to make orange blueberry jam out of a current book using powdered pectin.  NO BUENO.

Well, to be fair, it is bueno.  I mean the taste is just wonderful.  But the consistency?  Well, the consistency leaves something to be desired...

Mashing the blueberries.  Don't they look so pretty?

And the jars, they're so pretty also!

But this.  This is what I get when I open the jars.  It has the consistency of store bought cranberry sauce.  However the taste is incredible!  So maybe my family will be having blueberry sauce instead at Thanksgiving this year?

This is the first time I've used powdered pectin, and obviously it didn't work out too well for me.  I mean, this could be worse.  I did some troubleshooting on the topic, and found that I most likely overcooked it.  The stove in my house is not only older than me, but also older than my parents.  It's not always the most accurate thing in the world.  It pretty much has two settings; off and over-boil, so we'll lay the blame over there.   

Anyway, I'm sure I can use this in baking or...I dunno, something.  When I figure out what it's good for, I'll get back to you.  Just in case this ever happens to you also.  

Can I just put it out there that I spent about 3 hours making this jam last night?  Well.  Okay, so it took me three hours to clean my kitchen to the point where it was plausible to can anything, make the jam, can the jam, and clean afterwards.  All for this.  I'm trying not to be frustrated about it, but hell it's Monday.  And by Monday, I mean Failday.  Happy Failday everyone!  You'll get through it soon enough.

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