Thursday, February 12, 2015

Homemade Frozen Pizzas

If there is one thing I'm ever good at, it's making a mess.  Fortunately for me, most cooking (besides that done live in front of a studio audience) is a sufficient task at which to accomplish mess making.  And this is why we're BFFs. In an attempt to properly destroy my kitchen, I decided to make some homemade mini frozen pizzas. Mmm. A relatively easy task, I decided to make the dough from scratch, although you could go with store bought.
Trouble shooting.  My dough was... loose. I just added flour until it turned back into a dough ball.  Let the machine roll on the dough setting until it's through.
Nice and fluffy! Sit it in an oiled bowl and let rise for an hour, or whatever your recipe calls for. I'll linked the recipes I've used at the bottom. Flour a clean surface and get out your rolling pin out for something other than threatening your spouse and children.
Roll out the dough into whatever size suits you. Mmmmm, pizza... Bake the crust until it's good and set. Mine fortunately had a pop up timer in the form of pizza crust throw pillow as seen above. If yours also does this, never fear. It goes back to normal as soon as it cools.
Sing a song about sauce and toppings (to the tune of Milk and Cereal... then watch every other internet video from over ten years ago in a wave of nostalgia, starting with The End of the World) and dress your Italian pies of glory however you like. I stuck to basics, as there were no mushrooms or jalapeƱos on hand. But I think you could go as complex as you'd like.

 Stick this tasty treat of the future on a baking sheet and into the freezer. Leave it there until it's good and frozen. Then wrap, label, and chunk a little more unceremoniously into the freezer. I used my Food Saver, and that worked nicely, but I've also done a layer of tinfoil and a layer or two of saran wrap.
Then when you're having a day that might otherwise lead to murder, pop one or two of these lovelies into the oven, and go drink wine instead while everyone else is chowing down. Feel good that it's not just a frozen pizza, it's a delectable meal made for your family with love, and reheated with exasperation.
Ps, here's my most frequently used dough recipe. I've also used (and had great success with) homemade pitas. Super tasty! Good luck with your endeavors, and enjoy!