Saturday, March 22, 2014

Taste of Summer

This WEATHER.  Ugh.  I'm not usually one to spend the entire Winter wishing for Summer, but even I have reached my breaking point.  I'm craving balmy nights, friends on the front porch, fresh vegetables and meals made on the grill.  Obviously I have no pull in the weather department, but I can control what I eat.  So last Wednesday night we had a summer inspired meal.  Pineapple bourbon burgers on homemade bacon rolls, tangy spinach salad and potato wedges.  And for dessert?

Grilled pineapple skewers with brown sugar-rum sauce!

Step 1- stab with pokey things.

Step 2- boil rum, brown sugar, butter, and anything else that sounds delicious.

My ugly hamburger buns with bacon bits and sesame seeds.  Our yard help stopped in to say hello while these were sitting out cooling, and showed some sincere concern that I may have actually paid money for these things.  

Whatever.  Haters gonna hate, these were delicious.

Step 3- Grill ze pineapple.

Warm mushroom and bacon salad with homemade tater wedges.

Double burgers marinated in teriyaki sauce with colby jack cheese.

Step 4- drizzle with liquid deliciousness, and make disappear into your mouth hole.

Mmmm, and not too vicious of a calorie count, either!

(Disclaimer- I typed this the other week.  Today is about 70 and I got a sunburn.  Wishes do come true.)

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