Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oh, my Poose.

The other night, Hubs woke up, rolled over and started talking to me.  He thought I had just come to bed, but really I had been asleep next to him for a few hours and was completely incoherent.  During our conversation, I asked him if he had read my blog post about Poose.  He said no.  An hour later he woke up, turned to me, and said "You wrote a blog post about Poose?!?"  

None of which I remember.  But either way, I am now destined to write one.

Meet Poose.

Poose is a sweet, shy, and crazy-faced 2 year old grey tuxedo kitty.  She has the fluffiest fur that has ever been and grooms relentlessly.  

We found Poose's mother on our front porch one morning sleeping in a McDonald's bag.  Hubs opened the front door and she walked in like she owned the place.  Five days later she had kittens in our storage room upstairs.  Thanks lady!  

There were four kittens, one black, two tuxedos, and one little grey tuxedo.  She was the only shy one. Her first 'name' was actually Socially Awkward Kitten, because she just didn't want anything to do with us.  Needless to say, we weren't exactly over the moon for her at first.  It's kind of hard to love something that wants nothing to do with you.

Well we found homes for the other two kittens, and a big farm for the momma kitty to go to (she was not satisfied with being indoors), but nobody seemed to be able to keep sweet little Poose.  We got "stuck" with her, as we often joked, but find it a blessing in disguise, as she has turned out to be a sweet pea.  She and big brother Jumbo still grace us with their presence.

Likes:  Spinach, turkey
Dislikes:  Sweaters, car rides
Personality:  Talkative, she'll talk back to you as long as you talk to her.

Anyway, now Hubs will be happy, and Poose will be exalted in the manner she should be.  You know, cat worship and all that.  Maybe someday I'll introduce you to His Royal Majesty, Jumbo...

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