Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dinosaur Dung? (DIY Fertilizer)

We use a lot of grass clippings, either for piling around our trees, lining our garden,  or for sprinkling on top of our compost pile.  The guy who gives us a hand in the yard always brings us the spare he picks up along the way.  One week when he brought some, we were rather busy with getting a new roof put on.  The next week was Boo's first birthday, (and also Cinco de Mayo) so we were somewhat busy.  All told, these two bags of grass clippings sat inside their trash bags, in good ol' NC heat and humidity for about three weeks.   When we finally got around to dumping them out, this is what they looked like.

"That looks like a big old dinosaur shit." Is what our help said.  We didn't exactly disagree.

Either way, we spread it around our trees and garden as usual, mixing it in with some slightly fresher grass.  Our plants loved it.  I found out that this is a scientifically proven way of making your own fertilizer.  For free.  Think of it as Vegan Fertilizer. A great way to keep your garden organic, from the start.

A little gardening hack, just for you!

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