Sunday, November 17, 2013


For a long time Boo has reminded me of someone else.  His hair would get mussed up, and he would look like everyone's favorite imaginative, scheming, eternally six year old boy, Calvin.  He's full of life and just a tinge of trouble (that I'm sure will blossom fully in the next few years) so in addition to The Look, he potentially has the demeanor as well.

I've been a Watterson fan for as long as I can remember.  So I decided to go all in for Boo's second Halloween.  See, my sister is an excellent knitter/schemer/accomplice.  I told her I was thinking about doing a Calvin and Hobbes theme, and she was my hero!

Boo was hard pressed to make a decision as to which kitty was his favorite.

I finger knit a little scarf with some red yarn laying around.  Isn't he cute?  You can check out a link to the free pattern download, as well as some hints and tips on the pattern (in addition to a bunch of other cool stuff) at my sister's blog, Geeknits.

I actually gelled his hair up!  Fun stuff.  Also, technically his shirt should have been striped, but we didn't get a chance to sharpie it up before the big night.  We have friends over on Halloween, I make a pot of soup and a crock pot full of spiced cider.  We take turns passing out candy until it's all gone (which does NOT take long!)

It's so hard being this cute you know.

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