Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Time to get going! (Again...)

Today I got a wild hair and decided it was time to make with the canning.  So I asked Boo how he felt about going to the strawberry patch for some picking.

The answer is pretty self-evident.

I got the most bee-ee-aye-YOUtiful strawberries.  Boo even got to snag a few at the patch.  I told the lady that we should have weighed him before and after he took to the fields to see what I owed her.  But a blonde haired two year old can win over most anyone (much to my everlasting chagrin).  

"Who, me?"

Also got some incredible shortcakes.  Check those ingredients...definitely not any tongue twisters there!
(Flour, sugar, milk, shortening, eggs, baking powder, salt, vanilla)

Anyway, time for the good stuff.  You know what to do:

I usually find my basic recipes here.  Boil them babies till they hit 220 degrees and then start the scoopin'

Don't forget to share hulls with ducks.  Ducks love strawberry hulls.  

Process for 5 minutes.  Ten little half-pint babies to start the year out right with.  I actually don't think I let them cook long enough...the consistency is a little loose.  But like anyone who has canned more than 2 or 3 batches of jam will tell ya, they still taste sweet!

Here's wishing you luck with all of your summertime endeavors.