Friday, January 17, 2014

Minecraft Creeper Mini Cupcakes

I do enjoy a good video game, as does Hubs.  As of late we have been playing quite a bit of Minecraft.  So when I was trying to come up with an idea for his birthday cake, I thought why not just GO there?  Who cares if we're adults?  Parents even?  If I want to make my dear husband a video game themed birthday cake, you had better believe I will do so.

Because I'm mature like that.

Anyway, I thought I might go the route of mini cupcakes to simulate the pixelated style of the video game.  Plus mini cupcakes are divine.  I figured I could line them all up and ice them in the form of a Creeper.  

I guess this is kind of a fail post.  The concept worked out nicely, however there were a few technical issues.  The first thing was that I didn't put enough batter in each cupcake.  Being able to see the white liners makes the whole thing look a little disjointed.  

Then I made all of the different color icings and intended to put them in zipper bags, snip a corner, and pipe a standard swirl in order to make light work of the decorating.  Well that was all good, except I used my cheap bags in an effort to get rid of them and they split at the seems.  So I ended up icing each individual cupcake with a toothpick.

Overall, as a trial run, I'll take it.  Here's some pics after the jump.

I just happened to have this perfectly sized plate!  I made all of these with one box of cake mix (and enough leftover to make a mini cake).  

Black, grey, and dark green icing complete.

Tah dah!  I definitely made the grey and the darkest green a little too deep.  I felt like the eyes and mouth didn't stand out as much as they could, so I cut some black construction paper to sit underneath.

And this was the final product.  Like I said, it's a starting point.  But I do always let Hubs be my cake guinea pig.

He never minds.


  1. Hi - glad I tracked you down! I'm making the pac man scarf and a friend asked if I could donate it to be raffled off for charity (I made a few changes but it's pretty much your design). I know you stated NO SELLING but the money would be going to a non profit. It won't be till the fall and I would give you credit for the adorable design. Let me know if this is okay, I'm squidink on ravelry and squid_ink on LJ

  2. Hi! I think you're looking for my sister's blog, She's the one with the magical powers to all things knit and sewn. I would sew my hands together if I tried... I'll send her your direction though!